Mizu Design has worked with non-profit organizations and companies to create their vision online.


Clients include: (click each client below to see portfolio)


Art Gallery of York University

WARC Gallery

Toronto Asian Arts Freedom School

Design Exchange

Tecumseh First Nations Community Collective

Hidden Gems Autism Spectrum Services

Samuel J. Zacks Gallery


Olivia's at Fifty-Three


Project: Exhibition flyers, Brochures, Flash, Video, Website Maintenance


Client: WARC Gallery


Objectives: To design and follow through with production for all graphic materials.


Challenges: Reflect the artist and WARC's mandate to support women artist within different mediums.


Creative Process: Create exhibition flyers, media release, brochures for each show in the gallery.


Application(s): Photoshop CS3, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver